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Ayini's Story: Weaving Tradition, Taste, and Culture into Every Dish

At Ayini, our story is a captivating journey that goes beyond the ordinary, intertwining the vibrant tapestry of South Indian and Sri Lankan culinary traditions into a narrative of flavor, wellness, and cultural celebration. Rooted in a vision that transcends mere sustenance, Ayini represents the realization of a culinary dream—a dream where flavors become storytellers, and each dish narrates a chapter of heritage and innovation.

Our journey begins with a steadfast commitment to well-being, infusing the pleasures of plant-based cuisine with the quiet sophistication of thoughtfully selected herbs and spices. From the sizzling allure of DOSAS to the timeless charm of IDLIS, our menu orchestrates a dance between tradition and innovation, offering a symphony of flavors meticulously designed to delight discerning palates.

Ayini’s story is an elegant fusion of authenticity and modernity, where each dish is a meticulously crafted masterpiece echoing generations of culinary expertise. As we curate a gastronomic experience that exceeds expectations, our unwavering passion for sustainability and a mindful, plant-based lifestyle beats at the core of Ayini.

We invite you to embark on this culinary odyssey with us, where every bite carries the whispers of heritage and the promise of a flavorful future.

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Quality & Balance

Ayini is on a mission to seamlessly merge the rich traditions of South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine with a commitment to health, offering a culinary haven where flavor, sustainability, and plant-based excellence unite to redefine the art of dining. Our goal is to craft an extraordinary gastronomic experience that resonates with heritage and well-being.


Our vision is a quiet revolution, where taste and health intertwine in delicious harmony. Ayini envisions a culinary odyssey where the richness of South Indian and Sri Lankan flavors harmoniously converges with a commitment to wellness. We aspire to redefine palates with subtly crafted plant-based indulgences, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation for a gastronomic experience that whispers sophistication in every bite.

What People Are Saying

A symphony of South Indian and Sri Lankan flavors, crafting plant-based indulgence with subtle sophistication on every plate. Taste the harmony of tradition and innovation in every bite.

Yum! I ordered a lot of food for two at a great price! We tried 4 of the 5 vegetarian curries and they were all excellent. I also ordered the Veg Samosas and Veg rolls but am too full to eat them right now. The food was fresh and delicious. The space is very clean and new and the staff answered my many questions. I will be back again soon!
Kate Evans
Excellent home style cooking at an affordable price. Their dhal is amazing and I love that they keep changing their vegetables which always keeps it interesting. The owners are very nice and friendly. I order from there at least once a week.
Patio Time
Cafe Owner
Great food! I’ve had it 3 times now – always getting the Butter Chicken and then trying other dishes each time. All dishes have been delicious – but the Butter Chicken has my heart! Tried a chicken samosa which was also delicious. Friendly staff every time I’ve gone and answered my questions. Very happy this place opened so close to my house too – bonus!
Betsy Ward
In the past couple week, I ordered more than 7 times and I love their food. So far, everything I tried was perfect (veg thali, susiyam, mothakam) and the price is also reasonable. Best South Indian restaurant in Ottawa, I have tried food from all the South Indian restaurants located here in Ottawa, but nothing have matched to this one.
Will Mo
Coffee Lover