Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine and nutrition filled dishes carry many cultural and historical values. The authentic vegetarian and seafood dishes are cooked with wide rage of herbs, spices and fruits. Generations of experience in cooking and environment friendly life styles reflects in each and every dish served in daily basis at home or great religious and cultural occasions. The speciality spices and herbs added in cooking are scientifically proven antioxidants, immune boosters and naturally create anti bodies for many known diseases.


We are at the right place to introduce and promote well respected Sri Lankan and Indian dishes, cooked and served by well experienced chefs and a dedicated team in our local community. We will source our staples and supplies locally by promoting our farmers while our well reputed suppliers provide us the tropical herbs and spices. Our mission is serving good food to local communities.


Food is the preventive medicine. While serving with currently available resources to create our dishes, we will refine our search for maximizing our effort to provide non-GMO, Gluten free, organic staples, meat, produce, spices and ingredients to create our world-famous Sri Lankan and Indian dishes.

Our vision is your well being.